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Nike Free T Magazine style trend

Nike Frees are all over NYC. I have been noticing this for awhile. They seem to be the comfy shoe go-to for every stylish guy I see. Bright red ones, bright blue, green. Their sleek, minimal silhouette and functional comfort has obviously won over the chicest of the chic. That's why I was not too surprised to come across this article in the T New York Times Magazine. But, what I was surprised to see was this awesome photo of Tobie Hatfield! I didn't know he was a trackstar on top of being a rock star designer!!

Tobie is the inventor of the Free. He was on to the barefoot running idea way before barefoot was cool. Tobie explained his theories and discoveries to us when we met with him at the Nike campus. I was hooked. He told us all about how the Free works and by the time I got home, I had a pair waiting for me. I literally wore those things into the ground as my walking around the city shoe. It's like a workout for all the little muscles in the feet with out doing a workout! I now have a silvery Livestrong version that I slip into anytime I'm running out the door for a dog walk or a trip to the coffee shop.

This is true Athlete Style - Thanks Tobie!

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