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Triathlon Training in New Paltz - Inside Triathlon Magazine

Butterville Road, New Paltz, NY

Laurel and I recently contributed to a story on training in New Paltz for Inside Triathlon Magazine. Laurel took photos while she was visiting after the Rev3 Quassy Triathlon and together we came up with ideas for places to train, places to eat, and places to stay in town.

The article is in the Road to Kona September/October 2013 issue which is now on newsstands. Here's how it looks (click on the photo to enlarge):

1. Bec running with Maya on Overcliff Road. 2. Main Street Bistro 3. Lost City Climbing Cliffs

Lots of information is packed in this page, but there's so, so much more to talk about when it comes to training in New Paltz. And then there are all the things to do in between training sessions - which the New York Times recently covered in last week's 36 Hours in the Hudson Valley article. 

One thing that should be added to the Inside Triathlon story is that New Paltz is only 90 miles from New York City, making it an easy day trip. It's easily accessible by Adirondack Trailways, Metro North and for, those hearty souls, by bike. 

We could have filled the entire magazine with beautiful pictures, like the one above. This is a field I ride by at least once a day and the photo is not enhanced. It's just that pretty.

Here are a few other outtakes from Laurel's New Paltz photo shoot as well as a few from her archives. 





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