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Lifetime Minneapolis Triathlon

Here is a link to slide show if it doesn't come up on your computer.

Photos by Eric Wynn, Paul Phillips and Yndecam

Bec 3rd
Laurel 7th

Water temp - 82
Weather - windy, overcast, rain on and off. 75-80 degrees

Course - Flat. technical. Slick from rain. Lots of rough road.

The Equilizer - ladies got a 10:43 head start on the guys. Sarah Haskins stayed ahead, crossed the line first and got a $5000 bonus.

Highlights: - podium!!
- riding with Laurel until she lost her aerobar and had to slow down
- running a 36:37 10k without pain (huge victory!!)

Lowlights: - witnessing Cam Dye crash (while trying to avoid a stray age group biker)
- hearing about Nicole K's crash.

My race:
Average swim, steady bike, redeeming run. Running with an injury and very limited training (except 2 races and 6 runs the last 10weeks), I was able to cruise to a decent run split. Anyone who has dealt with an injury knows that missing training and competition is no fun. Just being out on the course and being able to be part of such a memorable day was so rewarding.

Laurel's race:
Good swim and biking very well until about 8 miles when a pot hole took out my right aerobar and shifting. Rode the rest of the way as fast as possible but unfortunately, lost a lot of time. Did my best to run back into contention, but not quite quick enough to catch the girls I had been riding with. I wish I had run faster, but at the same time I'm happy that Bec ran faster than me for this first time this year!

As always, we are incredibly grateful to all of our supporters and sponsors. Thanks for all the virtual cheers and thanks to the people of Minneapolis for loud cheers lining the course. Also, special thanks to the Life Time race organizers for putting on such a competitive race and for making sure the pros were well taken care of all weekend.

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