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USA Nationals Race Report


My race yesterday at USA Nationals in Buffalo, NY was going well until a crash on the 7th of 8 laps of the bike course.  After recovering from a very slow swim, I was actually riding well, helping my group chase down all of the packs in front of us, and trying to maintain a fast pace.  Most of the time I was rotating with a few others at the front of the pack, but with 2 laps to go, I kind of drifted toward the back to assess who else was still with us, to see what I was dealing with for the run.  Just at that moment, 2 girls in front of me got tangled up and went down, I did my best to avoid the situation, drifting to the right where I saw open road.  Unfortunately, someone came up on my right and I was knocked off my bike into the gravel shoulder.  My coach, Cliff, was right there and told me to get up and keep riding.  It took me a second to figure out what was going on, but I got up, did a few minor bike repairs and started riding.  I was having a hard time holding on to the bars and looked down and saw that my hands were all bloody.  Then I thought, ok, just use the aero bars.  Tried that and realized that I had a cut on my elbow and blood running down my arm.  I managed to finish the last 2 laps of the bike (with a rubbing brake) and thought I may as well try running, even though I had lost so much time.  Once I got on the run course, I realized that my hip was really sore and looked down and noticed that I fell on my hip too.  I tried to keep running, but things just didn't feel right and then everything started to hurt.  After about 2 miles of running, I pulled out of the race. Later, I realized that I have a bruise right on the part of my hip that has been recovering from an injury all season.  Right at the spot--of all places!!  

It was a disappointing way to end the day because things were looking good for a top finish.  Get well wishes to Annie Warner, who went down hard and Lindsey J., who was also mixed up in the shuffle.  
Thanks to USA Triathlon and the Nickel City Tri for putting on a great race.  Also, thanks to the fans for all of your supportive cheers.  And, of course, congrats to Hunter and Laura for winning national titles--again! 
Keep fighting,


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