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Eat. Train. Race. Travel.

Welcome to Athlete Food - our continuous adventure to seek out healthy food around the globe and at our own dinner tables. Hope you are inspired to get on a plane or get out the plates and cook a healthy dinner tonight!

Healthy Weekday Dinner: Green Eggs

Last Sunday Melissa emailed us her recipe for a lazy dinner: “Green Omelet: Mix two eggs, two egg whites, a heaping tablespoon chopped parsley, a tablespoon or two of Parmesan or goat cheese, and half-cup leftover spinach, chopped.”  Since I am all about "lazy" when it comes to cooking (and not just on Sundays!), I was very excited that it might be a dinner I could actually cook.  If this blog project does one thing, maybe it will prompt me to remove my sweaters from their storage spot in my oven!  I don't really do that, but you get it.

Anyway, Bec and I were very intrigued by the idea of combining egg whites and whole eggs. Rich, whole-egg omelets sit heavily, but egg white omelets seem almost dietetic - as Melissa's doctor husband Andrew would say!  The former make us lethargic; we’re hungry an hour after eating the latter. We’d never thought of using half and half.  Plus it gave me the chance to do that cool breaking and separating egg thing (as seen in photo above).  

The next night feeling lazy after a day of three workouts, I searched the fridge for bits of leftover greens to use in an omelet. And then, I have to confess, I realized that I’d never made one!  I know, totally basic, but remember the sweaters? I called Bec and she emailed me some instructions. Then, I took to the internet and watched a few how-to videos online. (BTW, some of them are really bad. No, I don't need two sticks of butter to make an egg!).  I found some leftover spinach from the previous night's dinner at the Palm in the fridge. Perfect, already cooked and seasoned.  I also happened to have some aged gouda leftover from a cheese plate I had when some friends came over a few nights before.  I got out a mixing bowl and whisked the ingredients together with a fork, put a little olive oil in a pan…and made a big green and yellow scramble.

The result wasn't a carefully folded, delicate French omelet like those in the (good) instructional videos. But it kept me from eating the other breakfast for dinner—a bowl of cereal!


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