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Foto Friday: future triathletes?

These two photos really stood out to me this week.  Although portraits of kids ostensibly have nothing to do with triathlon, it got me thinking that isn't necessarily the case.   A) we have a lot of readers and fellow triathletes that are moms and dads and B) these kids could be future triathletes.  The sport wasn't really around when we were this age.  But since it has grown so much in the last decade, these kids can now say "I want to be a triathlete in the Olympics when I grow up".  That's pretty cool!  I know our nephews are already trying to run and win like Aunt Bec!

The first shot is from my former colleague at Fast Company Lisa Kelsey.  I started following her on Instagram before I even knew that she was behind the name @paxregina .  I love this shot of her daughter Meret.  To me it is nearly the perfect environmental portrait.  There is a pose without being a pose and setting/background elements that lure the viewer in and bring them to the place.  I feel like I'm right there on the country porch.

The next photo is by another of my fav photographers that I found on Instagram, @chris_mueller 

The downtown retro afternoon light is amazing and it is just a very clever image with the child's posture suggestive of the pose of the mannekin.  It doesn't surprise me because Chris is known for creating very smart photographs.  Very cool to find on Instagram.

So if either of these kids find their way to a triathlon- you heard it here first!


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