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Welcome to Athlete Food - our continuous adventure to seek out healthy food around the globe and at our own dinner tables. Hope you are inspired to get on a plane or get out the plates and cook a healthy dinner tonight!

St. Anthony's Swim & Bike

Top: Bec biking, Bottom: Laurel smiling, Laurel sprintingThis year's St. Anthony's Triathlon was just a swim & bike workout for me due to my broken toe. Since I was making the trip to Florida either way, to attend my aunt & uncle's 50th wedding anniversary party, I decided to test my fitness (and my foot) in St. Pete. 

Lucky for me, for the first time in race history, there was an in-water start. That means that we didn't have to run across the sand into the water. This also means there's that uncomfortable moment when people start floating past the start line buoys. Maybe next year the race organizers will provide a rope for us to hold on to so that no one gets pushed ahead by the current. Anyway, when the gun went off, I had a great start. I was swimming really well for about the first 400m when a few people surged ahead and I didn't stay on their feet. Still mad at myself for that!

I ended up cruising the last part of the swim hoping that Laurel was in the big pack of girls behind me. I arrived at the exit ladder at the front of the pack, but just about everyone passed me as I had to jog to my bike. By the time I got on my bike, after a slow & careful mount, I was several seconds behind a large pack. I rode hard to catch them and not too far into the ride, I joined the group. With only one lane to ride in and 8 girls, we spent more time going sideways than moving forward. Constant position changing to avoid drafting or staggering penalties. I tried to break away a few times, but being in the pack felt better on my toe. 

It is very hard to pull out of a race when you are in money winning and possible podium contention, but my toe made it evident that racing a 10k just wasn't in the cards and that I'd have to save it for another day. 


Pre-Race: 1 FRS Shot, 1 12 oz. bottle of First Endurance EFS Lemon Lime, 1/2 gluten free bagel with Chia Peanut Butter & honey

During Race: 1/2 bottle of EFS Lemon Lime on the bike

After: Chocolate ZICO coconut water

*Note: I would normally eat a whole bagel before the race and drink an entire bottle of EFS during the bike ride. 

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