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New York City Triathlon: 4th place

The New York City Triathlon was on Sunday.  It was hot, the course is hard, and after the race more than one person said to me "I'm so glad that's over".  Not my feelings at all.  I wait all year for the NYC Tri - to race in front of my family and the home crowd fans on my turf.  The race flew by and before I knew it I was rounding Cherry Hill and heading to the line for 4th place.  

This year was obviously different with Bec's big news and the top spot open for a new champion.  I really thought I could do it!  I wanted to uphold the winning Wassner tradition and honestly, I spent a few hours after the race feeling like I failed a bit.  However later Sunday evening I started coming around a bit and then I got a text from my older sister Leezie that snapped me into reality.  She said, Laurel: "Don't roll your eyes, but I still tear up when you pass me smiling.  Every time."  I had the exact sentiments - when I saw Leezie, Sam, Jack and Lily on 72nd street it made me so happy that I pretty much stopped to say hi - in the middle of a race!  Same when I saw the rest of my family (mom, dad, 3 sisters, 5 neices and nephews, bro in law and aunt in attendance!).  I know they wanted me to be on the podium but at the same time they were just happy to see me out racing and enjoying myself.  They know as well as I do that the ability and opportunity to even just be out there enjoying myself is nothing to be taken for granted.  So, while I would have liked to put on a better show, my dad reminded me afterwards: "There is always next year."

Hopefully by next year I will have figured out my biking, which was what held me back in the race.  I swam where I needed to swim, lost a bunch of time on the bike and then had to run for my life to get back into the money.  Going to work on the things that contributed to that outcome.  Congrats to Amy B (mother of 4!!), Liz B and Jenna for their podium spots.  

Thank you to all the fans, volunteers and friends who cheered me along.  There is nothing like wearing NYAC on your suit while running through Central Park.  Instant fans!  Thank you also to my training partners and my sponsors for getting me here.  Congrats to everyone who raced and to Full Throttle for winning another club championship.  We are all lucky to have John Korff and crew put on such a fantastic race.  Just can't wait to race in NYC again!

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