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Triathlete Baby Boom

Mom posts have been popping up all over our blog lately. And for good reason. We're in the midst of a 2013 triathlete baby boom. At least 7 of my fellow pro triathletes will have babies by the end of this year and most of us plan on stepping right back up to the competition. As I'm finding out, this takes a lot of work and a lot of patience. First, you have to sit around for 9 months as all of your competitors set records and win races. Then, you have to get back in shape after what feels like 9 off seasons stacked up back to back. But, pro triathletes are always up for a challenge, and having a new little cheerleader makes it all so much more worthwhile.

Here's a list of 2013 Athlete Moms with links to theirs blogs or twitters:

Nicola Spirig

Sarah Haskins

Maggie Stovickova

Pip Taylor

Kim Loeffler

Desiree Ficker

Amanda Lovato
Kate Major

And few other elite athletes:

Ashley Tollakson (Olympic Trials marathoner and wife of pro triathlete TJ Tollakson)

Lauren Fleshman (Running champion and wife of pro triathlete Jesse Thomas)

Leslie Higgins (NYAC track star)

Rondi Davies (open water swimmer)

And, let's not forget, the pioneering pro triathlete moms who are showing us how it's done:

Julie Ertel
Becky Lavelle

Gina Crawford

Sam Warriner

Nikki Butterfield

I should also note, my BFF (Maren) is counting down the days until she welcomes baby #1, our Athlete Food Editor (Melissa) is due in September (#3), and 2 of our cousins are also due this year.

So, yes, this is a baby boom. Please let us know if we missed anyone!

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