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Staying Hydrated: Cucumber Kiwi Spa Water

One of the many things I'm working on with my new coach is hydration. We're formulating the scientific amont of fluid I need to take in during races to maximize performance. This week I did my first ever sweat test and it was surprising to see how much water weight I lost in just 90 minutes of cycling. The results are still being finalized, but I clearly haven't been drinking enough on the bike during races. 

I've also started paying more attention to non-race and training hydration. Staying on top of hydration has always been hard for me. I'll often go through a day and "forget to drink" until I'm totally parched. Probably not the best set up for hard workouts, right? 

Well, that's going to change. My coach has me on a liquid diet, so to speak. I have a goal amount of water I need to drink each day, apart from workouts.

So what's my plan to achieve this goal? Spa water. Several big jars of it a day. 

For those of you who have trained in Tuscon, think the ice cold water you encounter in the lobby of the JW Marriot. If you haven't experienced this dessert oasis, imagine the cool, refreshing drink you might be handed after a relaxing massage (I know, as if, but we're imagining, remember?) 

It's super simple to recreate this at home, even on the dreariest of NYC rainy days. You'll need a big mason jar. I piced one up for $1.49 at Whole Foods. Toss in about 10 slices of cucumber, about a half of a kiwi, chopped, and a handful of ice cubes. Fill with water and there go you. You can keep refilling the jar whenever the water level gets low. I make a jar before I go to bed and keep it in the firdge. In the morning, the cucumbers and kiwi have been infused in to the cold water. Perfect for a spa-like start to the day. 

Other combinations of fruits and veggies make refreshing spa water as well. Have a favorite you'd like to share with us? 


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