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Curry Roasted Carrots


I’ve had a few requests for this carrot recipe and to those carrot-seeking Instagrammers, here you go. 

This recipe grew out of one of those what-was-I-thinking moments: I bought a 5-pound bag of organic carrots because I didn’t want to buy baby carrots because I heard they are bad for you. But of course, I never got around to peeling and cutting the regular carrots into sticks and, I’ve been shuffling it around the refrigerator ever since. Am I the only one who does these things? 

The rest is history. Now these curry roasted carrots are a favorite post-workout savory snack and spice up my staple midweek rice bowl dinners. 

I’ve streamlined the recipe so much that I don’t even peel the carrots anymore (just give them a good scrub) and, I don’t measure any of the ingredients—I just make sure each carrot slice has a bit of curry. Regular grocery store curry powder works well but if you hoard curry powders like I do, try a different one each time to see what you like best. I’ve tried Madras, Japanese, Jamaican, and curry powder from Bahrain, but am currently hooked on a Persian mix from Oaktown Spice Shop

Hope you enjoy the recipe, or at least use it to free up space in your refrigerator!


Curry Roasted Carrots

6-8 carrots

olive oil

curry powder

sea salt

Pre-heat oven to 400°F. 

Scrub carrots and peel, if you want to. Cut off ends, then slice the thinner end into rounds about ½-inch think. Slice the thicker end in half lengthwise, then cut into half moons. 

Lay the sliced carrots out on a baking sheet covered with aluminum foil. Drizzle 1 teaspoon of olive oil over the carrots. Sprinkle with curry powder (enough so each carrot looks like it got some!) and a big pinch of sea salt. Use your hands to toss, then arrange the carrots back into a single layer.

Bake for 15 minutes. The carrots should be slightly crispy still, but starting to caramelize on the bottom. If they are still too firm after 15 minutes, bake for another 5 minutes. 

Eat the carrots as a snack right from the baking tray or save to use as a salad or rice bowl topping. 

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