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Welcome to Athlete Food - our continuous adventure to seek out healthy food around the globe and at our own dinner tables. Hope you are inspired to get on a plane or get out the plates and cook a healthy dinner tonight!

Next up: Ironman Switzerland

Next up: Ironman Switzerland

This weekend Laurel will be racing at Ironman Switzerland in Zurich. Follow along with her adventures through her @athletestyle, her instagram account. 

For more, read the pre-race statistical analysis from And to follow the progress of the race, check Live Coverage for updates. 

In the meantime, here's a quick 5 question interview with Laurel. 

What's your marathon PR in an Ironman?


Why did you chose to race Ironman Switzerland? 

  • Switzerland was where I watched one of my first pro races. It was the ITU World Championships in Lausanne in 2006 and Tim Don won. Bec was racing. Watching the athletes inspired me to become a triathlete despite a bunch of things in my way. I just had a simple thought: "I can do that." The next year I raced as an amateur, then turned pro and here I am 11 years later doing an Ironman in Switzerland.

How has your training been leading into this race? 

  • When you live in the Northeast US and don't travel somewhere warm in the off-season, I've found that getting fit really doesn't happen until summer is in full swing. I feel like I'm finally there: my run paces are dropping, cycling is clicking, and getting in some open water swims has really helped. [watch this video of how Laurel gets her summer training done.]

How did you do in your last race? 

  • The New York City triathlon is always such an enjoyable day, but my race this year was disappointing. I was given a penalty by an official who did not understand the rule that riders are allowed to ride side-by-side if they are out of the draft zone. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do at the moment the call is made and, as I learned, there's nothing you can do afterwards either. I was riding really well in NY up until that point, so I know my bike fitness is there. 

What does it mean to you to be the first cancer survivor to turn pro as a triathlete? 

  • It's my secret weapon and definitely something I think about when things get hard in races. I know I have a community of millions out there pulling for me. I race for them. I know that I am very fortunate to have this opportunity to compete as a professional triathlete. 
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Laurel 5th place at Ironman Zurich

Laurel 5th place at Ironman Zurich

Rockaway Beach Day

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