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It’s funny how sometimes you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

That’s how I feel about a lot of things we left behind in NYC when we moved down to Maryland last November. Although we were most recently living across the Hudson in the relatively quieter town of Hoboken, I, like a typical New Yorker, still begrudged the jam-packed subways, the tourist traps. I was happy to finally retrieve my personal space, to cross a street without the fear of being mowed down by a yellow cab. 

The Empire State Building Run-Up is a race I've always wanted to do. And last night I got a little bit closer to it - not as a participant, but as support crew and photographer for Sarah. She participated in the race for fun and for research for an upcoming story on stair climbing races...and she managed to finish second in the media division.

Going For It

You know those big, big goals…the kind you’re afraid to share or even say out loud because they’re such a stretch that you aren’t even sure you’ll come anywhere close to making them happen? Maybe it’s finishing an Ironman or nabbing a BQ in the marathon. Or running your first 5K or winning your age-group in a tri. Well, I’ve got a huge goal, and as much as I’d like to keep it bottled up inside my brain, I’m just going to put it out there:

Happy New Year! Hard to believe that a year ago, Bec and I were just about to welcome our little girls into the world. So much has happened over the course of those 300-something days, and aside from the obvious thrills of raising a baby, the past year has been a flurry of adventures and new experiences. Especially when it has to do with running.