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Favorite Tri Moments from 2010

New York City Triathlon
Favorite moment of the year: Running through Central Park and hearing over the race radio that Laurel had moved into 2nd place. Even though I was hurting and running as hard as I could, I managed to pick up the I could start celebrating!

Chicago Triathlon
Getting passed on the bike course is never a good thing, but getting passed by Laurel at the Chicago Tri, was probably the one exception. When she went by, I knew she was going to have a great race. Laurel's podium finish was a highlight for sure, but what I'll remember most about this race is the post-race drug testing. For the first time, I was accompanying Laurel a "test" that was for a good thing and not a scary scan.

Columbia Triathlon
Watching Laurel break the tape at the Columbia Triathlon. The entire family was overcome with emotion (even those listening via phone from NY and Florida and Connecticut) as we heard the announcer say Laurel was "crossing the dam" on her way to winning the 28th annual Columbia Triathlon. So many great triathletes have won this race, but none other that Laurel have battled and survived cancer. All those years of FIGHTING seemed to be worth it as we watched Laurel win her first major race. Nothing could have been more fitting on a day when 100's of Team Fighter's overcame treacherous conditions to cross their own winning finish-lines.

Marin County Triathlon
Racing to the finish line of the Marin County Triathlon. Not only was this a highlight because I was actually racing and running fast for the first time all year, but when I crossed the line, I was greeted by 2 of our biggest fans - Lino and Mike K. Even though we were far from home, we had superfans.

Off-Season Awards
Being honored by USAT as 2009 Non-Drafting athlete of the year was only matched by receiving the Ulman Cancer Fund's Hope Award. A slow, snowy drive down I-95 could not stop us from attending the Blue Jean Ball, along with 100's of other UCF supporters.

Half Full Triathlon
Racing Eric Shanteau (for about 50m) in the swim leg of the Half Full Tri and then watching the rest of the triathlon unfold. Equally amazed by the participants and the race organization.

Hudson River Swimming
I never thought I'd like swimming in the Hudson until I joined a group of English Channel Swimmers on one of their qualifying swims (6 hours of swimming in sub-60 degree water). I only swam about 2 of those hours, but it was enough to get me hooked. In the above photo we are launching into the water near Beacon, NY.

Roselyn Sanchez Triathlon for Life
A beautiful race in a beautiful city put on by a beautiful person. And then a post race Oscar party with lots of interesting people.

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