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Training Update: Occupy Lane 2 11k Swim

pre-workout energyIt's that time of year again:  The annual New Year's Swim set. Typically, New Year's swims are a minimum of 10k and are the last big swim set of the year.  

Today, our small swim squad, "occupied" lane 2 of the Bard College Aquatic Center for the better part of the afternoon.  We only had one small sign (a whiteboard with our set written on it), but had plenty of food and drink (EFS drinks & gels).  We set out to do a 10k set, but I got the bright idea to tack on an extra 1000 at around the 6.5k mark.  At 8.5k I had second thoughts, but there was no turning back.

This is the set we did, written by Dave Barra:

1:30 base

4 sets of:

500 - low stroke count, long strokes, different breathing pattern each round

2x250 as 100 free/50 fly/100 free

4x125 as 50 free/25fly/50 free

5x100 descend, with the last one all out

10x50 25 fly/25 free


Sets #1 & #3 as above

Set #2 back replaced fly

Set #4 sprint free replaced fly


Bonus Set:  

9x100 - 3 side kick/free by 25, 3 kick with board, 3 drill swim


Total = 11,000


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