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New York City Triathlon Race Report



Bec breaks down NYC Tri Win #3
Swim:  TYR sayonara speed suit, TYR nano nest goggles, 
             water temp 78 degrees, choppy, 25 minute delayed start - extra time for a can 
             of FRS healthy energy drink
I didn't expect the water to be so choppy, but it was cleaner and more clear than it was been.  Jasmine set a fast pace, so I just hung right behind her all the way to the pontoon.  When you are swimming in the river, it is really hard to see anything and the grey skies made it even worse.  I was just happy to see the splashes of Jasmine's feet to lead the way.  It was also encouraging to see Laurel exiting the swim right on my heels.
Bike:   Triathlon Lab Cervelo P3, 32 oz. of First Endurance EFS, 100 calories of Vanilla Bean EFS gel, 
            HED wheels - Jet 6 front, H3 rear, Rudy Project Wingspan helmet and Noyz glasses w/amber   
            lenses, SIDI T-2 snakeskin shoes, ISM Adamo saddle
Laurel and I were the first to the wet West Side Highway.  We were quickly joined by Jenna Parker, Emma Davis and Jasmine which made positioning on the road tricky.  Unfotunately, Jasmine rode into a puddle that was really a pothole and crashed.  Laurel also went over a pothole and had to adjust her tire.  That left me and Jenna together and we rode up to the halfway point within a few seconds of each other.  On the way back, we were met with a huge headwind and at times a crosswind.  At that point, I just decided that I needed to stay on my bike ride, not fight the wind too much, ride a comfortable pace and save something for the run.  
Run:  Nike Lunaracers racing flats, TEAM FIGHT visor
By the time I started the run, I was 2 minutes down from the leader.  I decided not to spend extra time putting socks on immediately set off trying to make up time.  On 72nd street, on the way over to Central Park, I was joined by some elite age group guys, which gave me something to pace off of.  I heard splits from the crowd at various points along the way and knew that I was getting closer.  As I crested Harlem Hill, I saw the lead bike and runner and knew that it wasn't going to be long until I caught them.  I just continued to run my pace and at about 4 miles I made the pass.  Although this is arguably the most difficult 10k on the circuit, it was comfortable territory as I have run that route hundreds of times in training and New York Road Runners races.  Also, in the last two miles we were on the NYC Marathon Course, which gave me an extra boost just thinking about all the great champions who have made there way to Tavern on the Green along that road.
As I approached the finish line I was greeted by dozens of my friends and family and felt so fortunate that they were there to share the moment.  
After speaking to reporters from various local media (NY Times, WSJ, NY1, Fox5), I was very happy to find ice cold ZICO coconut water and some Chia Chargers at the finish line festival.  
I'd like to congratulate all of those who raced, especially our teammates from the New York Athletic Club and training partners from Chelsea Piers.  They have seen me working through my hip and foot injuries and are always encouraging and motivating.  My coach, Cliff English, has been very patient throughout this process and carefully planned my training so I would be able to defend my title in NYC.
Special thanks to race directors John Korff and Bill Burke for working so hard to put on such a fantastic event.  Also, thanks to my SUPERFANS - my mom and dad, aunt, cousin, sisters, nephews and manager Jim, who never fail to get up early and make it to the first splash!


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