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Contest Winner: Chocolate Cherry Shake

Congratulations to reader Christy and her winning combination: Frozen cherries blended with Valrhona cocoa powder, whole flaxseeds, and chocolate milk.

Christy’s athlete-friendly makeover of the classic Valentine’s Day chocolate and cherry combination won our hearts. It’s a tasty treat that’s packed with nutrition. Milk provides calcium and protein. Flax seeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acids. And Christy alerted us to the promising anti-inflammatory powers of cherries. We can’t quite justify chocolate as a health food, but it certainly pleases our sweet tooth and gives us an always-welcome caffeine boost.

We made Christy's shake as a recovery drink this afternoon after a swim/bike brick session and one sip assured it a prime spot in our recovery snack rotation. Next time we'll mix in chia seeds. And in summer, I plan to fill my freezer with bucket-loads of cherries from our local orchard.

We’ll post the recipe once we perfect the proportions. Christy, enjoy your Chia Charger BeKind Nut Butters & thanks to all the participants!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

         —Bec, Laurel, and Melissa 



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