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New best-friend pants: Nike Legend Tight Fit Training Pants

Those who know me well, know that I tend to find an article of clothing and stick with it.  I can come up with a long list of best-friend clothes - my first adult Gap jean shorts, last winter's yellow and grey Nike ski cap, and who could forget the red Patagonia vest?  I tend to overwear clothes that were cute (the first time) to the point of friendly ridicule.  

BUT, everyone (mostly my mom and sisters) will be happy to know that my new BFF is not only comfy but stylish and very of the moment in my Tribeca neighborhood.  So how did this new favorite enter my repertoire?  I'm thinking it had something to do with these stunning pictures by Annie Leibowitz of these even more stunning Nike athletes.  How could you not want everything they have on after seeing those?

I ordered the pants from Nike and was pleasantly surprised when they arrived.  They are much thicker (yet still stretchy) than any of my other tights, plus they FIT!!  The tights come with a SHORT option.  So, yes!! XS, Short = I have tights that are actually tight, and hit at the enviable flattering spot right above my ankles.  Normally my tights graze my running shoes.  Also, the waistband is wide and comfy and low so they don't need to be rolled down.  And there is this cool V seam in the back that magically creates a small butt (or at least the illusion of one, but that works!).  

I like them so much that I want to transition them out of gym wear and pair them with these and an Equipment blouse.  That might be for off-season though.  For now I'll be wearing these everyday to the gym.  Fortunately, Kerry from Nike (who confessed to wearing them all the time instead of jeans) sent me two pairs.  I must admit though, I am still wearing the ski cap... it's cold here!  -Laurel

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