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Athlete Style: Gym Bag Essentials

*Thank you to FitFluential LLC and Koss for sponsoring this post*

Whenever I hit the gym, I take my little satchel of stuff with me around from area to area.  Carrying a lock to the gym seems heavy and the NY'er in me never likes to leave my valuables out of sight.  So what's in that little bag (usually a "sack pack" from a race expo) you see next to my treadmill?

1) Koss headphones. I would not be able to complete a treadmill run or a session of planks without my Koss headphones. The Koss Fit Series is designed by female athletes for female athletes. The headphones come with three different earbud sizes so you can have a custom fit. What this means? They actually stay put while working out. These are available all over - look for them in Best Buy, Walmart, Walgreens and K Market. 

2) my phone. It's key to be free from distractions while working out so I don't allow myself to check emails or texts, however a few of the apps on my phone are essential:  Pandora for music while I'm running (I can flip between the RENT or Justin Townes Earle stations depending on speed), Strava (an app which records running and cycling miles and paces), Charity Miles (each mile run or biked earns $ for a good cause) and the Nike Training Club (downloadable strength workouts).

3) a bottle (or two) of ZICO coconut water. Natural hydration without extra sweetners, plus a good dose of potassium. I rotate between plain and pineapple for during my workouts. After a workout, I'll recover with a latte or chocolate flavored ZICO

4) snacks. If I'm doing a long treadmill workout - some of our Chelsea Piers friends have witnessed these - then I will pack a flask of First Endurance gel to get me through it.  I also pack a KIND bar for afterwards so I know I'm getting in some protein and calories when I finish.  Plus, the ones with chocolate are a little reward!

5) Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color. It's not exactly practical or necessary to go to the gym in full make - hello, foundation stained white towel! But, I do like too look and feel good while sweating.  It's the one time I'm "on stage" and not underwater or riding my bike on a desolate country road. I find a bit of lip color goes a long way in this department.  I really like this one from Bobbi Brown, a little bit of color that is only really noticable because it can transform you from sweaty mess to cuter/more put together sweaty mess!  Reapply after workout to take advantage of the post workout glow and you'll be set to hit the cafe.  

So those are the basics. Anything I'm missing?? My bag has extra room!



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