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Whenever I hit the gym, I take my little satchel of stuff with me around from area to area.  Carrying a lock to the gym seems heavy and the NY'er in me never likes to leave my valuables out of sight.  So what's in that little bag (usually a "sack pack" from a race expo) you see next to my treadmill?

So many people complain about how indoor bike training is SO BORING. We disagree. Ok, so riding in place, in your bedroom or basement, doesn't exactly compare to whizzing up and down mountains, but it doesn't have to be something to dread. And it just might make you a stronger cyclist.

Last month Bec and I visited Las Vegas for the Super Sprint Triathlon race and also to visit Interbike, the yearly cycling industry trade show.  From the latest time trial bikes to training wheels and bells - it seemed like everything bike related was represented at the show.

In some parts of the world, spring is here! As Bec keeps reminding me it's still wintery in the Northeast and other parts of the US. But with April around the corner, I thouht I'd share some spring style ideas to get you ready for when the warm weather arrives.

Yesterday Bec sent me the link to the race photos from SJ's most recent Adventure race.  Most of the time I just take a quick look at the pictures from the brightroom, finisherpix, etc type of photography that races provide.  It is usually a) very poor quality b) overpriced and, more often than not, c) the photographer has managed to capture the most unflattering, ugliest expression and running form I could imagine and would hope never to see.  This is also known as, and coined by Maren, The Ugly Race Photo.