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Cool finds at Interbike

Last month Bec and I visited Las Vegas for the Super Sprint Triathlon race and also to visit Interbike, the yearly cycling industry trade show.  From the latest time trial bikes to training wheels and bells - it seemed like everything bike related was represented at the show.  Bec and I walked around the huge rooms full between our trials and finals.  We stopped in to see our sponsors and friends (and eat chocolate - ISM gave us M&M's, Strictly Bicycles and American Express had York Peppermint Patties!).  We also got to see the latest goods from Cervelo and Rudy Project.  You'll be seeing us on our new P3's soon!

Aside from the all of the super fast carbon fiber, there were plenty of other products for the recreational cyclist and the stylish athlete.  We allowed ourselves a little more time on our feet to check some of these out.  

Bec was especially keen to vist the Thule booth to check out the Chariot child carriers. These carriers allow you to bike, cross country ski and run with your kids. She and SJ are planning on towing Amy around on their mountain bikes and taking her out on the cross country ski trails this winter. 

Meanwhile, I was happy to find the electric green Shinola truck.  I have been following the watches and leather goods from this Made in Detroit start-up brand in various magazines and stores, but was surprised to find they also make bikes.  Just like their watches, the bikes are classic with a hint of retro.  I could definitely see one of their bikes being ridden around the West Village by a girl in heels and a cute dress!  (New Yorkers know what I'm talking about).  If you just can't ride with out electric shifting - they actually have their Runwell with Di2. The bikes are in the $2000.00 range so not exactly a bargain, but they are beautiful and very well crafted.  Personally, I like their use of green, especially in their Runwell watch (pictured at right).  

Bec and I both stopped when we saw this little beach cruiser with training wheels.  We wanted to purchase it on the spot for our nephews.  It's made by Linus, a company out of Venice, CA.  Like Shinola their design is influenced by the bicycles of 1950s France.  Simple, elegant and functional.  They make an adult version which is the kind of bike you can cruise around Santa Monica in flip flops.  These bikes make a picture perfect family beach bike ride.  In fact I have sourced Linus bikes more than once for photo shoots.  They are that pretty.  They also make very cool baskets for their bikes.  The kid's bike is $300.  It's a bit of a splurge, but it the kind of bike that can be passed down for generations. Until our Cervelo starts making kids bikes, this one is on our wishlist.

Another discovery we made was WD-40 Bike products.  We have all heard of WD-40 and some of us have heard NOT to use it on a bike chain.  However, these are products made specifically for bikes.  Cleaner, degreaser, frame protectant, chaine lube - everything you need to keep your bike running smoothly.  I have always been a bit intimidated about what products to use and how to use them, but this line is simple and sef explanatory.  The folks at the booth were kind enough to give us some samples to get our bikes ready for the race that evening.  My chain has never felt better!  

Anything else you want to know about Interbike? Ask us below.






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