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Athlete Style Spring Looks

In some parts of the world, spring is here! As Bec keeps reminding me it's still wintery in the Northeast and other parts of the US. But with April around the corner, I thouht I'd share some spring style ideas to get you ready for when the warm weather arrives.

Since relocating recently from NYC to LA, I have quickly realized that my all-black wardrobe just won't work here. People wear colors! Light colors, like pinks and blues, in easy, relaxed silhouettes. After only two weeks here, I've started phasing out my NYC darks for a more fresh, spring look.  

Some of the Athlete Style must haves for this season are:

-Longer length capri tights. These tights are longer than the just below the knee capris that we've been wearing the last few years. The longer (mid-calf) capris are more universally flattering and make the legs look longer. Nike's spring line includes all sorts of prints for a really chic look.

-Wedge high tops. These Nikes are all the rage. I love the light pair for spring.  But I have to confess, I'd probably stick with the black ones for NYC.

-The relaxed tee. Loose, but not at all boxy, with a touch of sexy off the shoulder attitude. Throw one of these on after a workout and you'll look great at the juice bar.

-Clear plastic. This everywhere right now, from those Louboutins I'm lusting after, to the Nike Fuel band. Track your progress all day in style!

For more of my favorite spring fashion essentials, check out my Sweet Relish page. 

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