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Atlete Moms: A New Plan

It's hard to believe it's already been two months since Amy was born! She's doing great, just hit the 10 pound mark and is a happy little baby.

As for me, I'm finally feeling like this whole getting back into shape thing is actually going to happen. After some pretty uninspiring attempts at swimming, biking, running last week, I'm now back on track with a new routine. By uninspiring I mean, looking down at my dog mid-run to see that she was barely trotting next to me. I was in so much pain that I had no idea I was running so slowly. And the next day? I was way too sore for having run 11 minute miles.

I took this as a sign that my body wasn't ready yet. My idea of jumping right back into things wasn't the best plan. So I went to see Carolyn at Fusion Physical Therapy and Sports Wellness. Carolyn has lots of experience rehabbing pro athletes after surgeries or injuries. Laurel will agree with me, she's pretty much the best when it comes to this sort of thing. Carolyn explained to me that I have to think of it like I'm starting from scratch and that before anything I have to get my dormant muscles firing again.

For now, the routine is twice a week visits to Fusion for A.R.T. (active release therapy), followed by a gym workout targeting biking and running muscles. I've been doing Jacob's Ladder (this torturous machine), squats, TRX and a variety of other exercises. The days I don't go into Fusion (which, as a side note, was the filming location for Samantha's apartment in Sex and the City), Carolyn has me doing a set of exercises at home. I'm also slowly adding time and watts to my trainer rides and getting in the pool for easy workouts.

With all that plus lots of time spent hanging out with Amy, things are pretty busy these days. I'm getting a sense of what things are going to be like later this spring when I start training again full-time. I don't know how these supermoms do it, but I guess I'll soon find out! --Bec

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