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Athlete Moms: 3 Month Update from Bec and Amy

Amy, ready for the gym.The latest news around here is that Amy turned 3 months and I signed up for my first race of the year - Mother's Day Duathlon in Prospect Park on May 12. The race is a sprint distance (2 mile run/10 mile bike/ 2 mile run) and my only goals are to have fun and enjoy the day.

Training is slowly building and improving, but sometimes you just need a race on the schedule to stay motivated. After reading Sarah's race report from the Nike Half Marathon, I knew I had to get back on the race course.

My training for this race has looked like this for the past few weeks:

3 swims - try to average 4k

4 bikes - any distance

3 runs - 2 on Alter-G, one on trails

2 PT sessions - 30 minute cardio on Jacob's Ladder + weights

5 long dog walks

5 at home PT exercises + rolling out with foam roller

1 day off

The goal is to get everything on the list completed within one week, with one full day off. Notice there are no paces or watts or specific workout details. Instead, it's all about, consistency, getting out the door and re-establishing some sort of routine. If I feel good, I'll push myself, but if I feel tired, I'll go easy. Some of the individual workouts turn out to be hard, but the real challenge is getting all of them done around Amy's constantly evolving schedule.
I'm halfway through my second week on this "program" and so far it seems to be working.
Well, at least, I feel fit and I did get called a beast at the gym (believe it or not, that's a good thing). We'll see how that translates to racing next Sunday morning!

Here's this link to the Mother's Day Duathlon for spectator information and registration details.

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