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2014 Race Schedule and Race Entry Giveaway!

Last year I raced the Philly Tri just 4.5 months after Amy was born. It was a tough, tough race and what got me to the finish line that day was the thought of carrying Amy across it.

We just posted our 2014 race schedule! This list isn't set in stone, but we wanted to give our sponsors (and potential sponsors!), competitors, family and all of you guys a sense of where we will be, when.

This year's line up is a little different from previous years. The focus for the first half of 2014 is qualifying for 70.3 World Championships which take place in Mont Tremblant on September 7. In order to qualify for this race as a professional, you have to collect points and be ranked as one of the top 35 triathletes in the world. This means we'll be traveling to places like Panama, Brazil and Mexico to get ourselves ranked. The second half of the year, we'll focus on the US-based Rev3 race series. In between, we'll race in our two favorite "hometown" races, the New York City Triathlon and the TriRock Philadelphia Triathlon.

We're hoping you can join us in Philly this year. And thanks to the Competitor Group, we are GIVING AWAY a race entry to the TriRock Philadelphia Triathlon on June 21-22.

That's right, a free race entry (that's a $150+ value, thank you very much). There will be one winner, but every person who enters will receive a top secret and valuable consolation prize.

You can use the entry for a relay too! So if you're not into doing the whole swim/bike/run, round up some friends and complete the tri as a relay. 


To enter the contest:

Leave a comment on this blog post. The comment can be as short or as long as you want it to be. Feel free to tell us about which triathlons or marathons or 5ks you plan on doing this year. We'd love to hear about it! You'll have to enter your email address so that we know how to track you down, but it won't be published.

Thanks for entering and see you at the races!


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