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Laurel 7th at Rev3 Quassy


The team at Rev3 put on another great event last weekend at Quassy amusement park in Middlebury, Connecticut.  I love this race because it attracts the toughest of the tough athletes.  Everyone who races there is unafraid of the terrain and the competition. That combination seems to bring out the best in people and the top finisher's performances are always world class.  Going into a hard half iron distance race as my second race of the year wasn't something my coach thought was wise, but I assured him I wouldn't hurt myself and that I could do it.  There was no way I was going to miss Quassy!  Things turned out ok, and I managed to place 7th.  

I had a pretty good swim in the lead group for most of the way and came out in 4th after I got twisted up in a lane rope.   I got into 3rd within a few miles on the bike but after awhile I got caught by Sam W, Heather(s) and Rinny.  I felt like I was riding hard but it just wasn't a great ride for me.  By the time I started the run I was in 9th and not feeling well at all.  Bolting out of transition and passing everyone in sight was NOT going to happen.  By halfway I was in 10th, well behind 9th and with some fast running happening behind me.  It was then that Bec said to me "Come on, you know how to fight!  I know you can find a minute."  (She lied - I was over 2 mins behind 9th!)  Right then I picked up the pace and got my form and my pace back.  I ran 4 miles hard until I looked up and saw that I could move into 8th.  Surprisingly, I started to feel great.  I kept pushing on the last mile and moved into 7th with 800m to go.  

It was disappointing to be well behind the real action at the front of the race, but instead of letting that get to me I did the best I could with where I was.  I could have ended up 10th or worse if I hadn't turned around my run.  I'm not exactly celebrating a 7th place- but I am celebrating the fact that my hip didn't hurt and I was able to run a half marathon and finish with my last few miles in the low 6's.  I'm not giving up on these long races just yet!  

Thank you to everyone at Rev3, especially to Charlie and Eric for cheering us on at mile 12.  It's pretty unusual to find a race director cheering on the stragglers. Also, thank you to my team of sponsors: Nike, Cervelo, NYAC (esp my personal cheerleader/bodygaurd Ken!), Zico, First Endurance, Rudy Project and ISM Saddles.  They get me to the starting line and hopefully soon to the finish line in first!  Thank you also to my coach Cliff and training partner Jen (who hung in there for a top 10) for helping me get ready to race.  

I have to reserve an enitre paragraph for recognition of my superfans near and far:  my mom, dad, Bec and baby Amy making her first triathlon appearance.  Seeing them out on the course got me through a very tough run.  Bec might not have been racing, but she was there from the first splash until the very last mile.  I know it wasn't easy packing up a baby and a bike and a day of stuff at 5am to drive to a 5 hour triathlon - but nothing would have stopped her from getting to the race to support me.  I'm a lucky sister. Another shout out to one of my friends from Chelsea Piers, Caitlin, who generously offered up her parent's house for me to stay prior to the race.  Thank you Swetts family!!


Nutrition:  before race: NY bagel with pb and honey, during race: 2 flasks of EFS liquid shot - 1 kona coffee one vanilla, 3 bottles of EFS drink.  after race:  3 back to back plain Zicos, several trips to the free soda bar and a plate full of NY Deli pickles from the fixins bar!  

Equipment:  Cervelo P3, ISM Adamo saddle, Lightweight 650c wheels (one of which was ruined on the flight home :(((, Nike Flyknit trainers, Rudy Project Wingspan helmet, Rudy Project Ability sunglasses, Nike visor, Nike bathing suit.

Next up is a hard block of training and then the Philadelphia Triathlon on June 23.  Looking forward to returning to Philly!


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