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Rev3 Maine- 5th place

Rev3 Maine race report

 After a disappointing race in Wisconsin, with more bike issues, I am happy to report that I didn’t have any mechanical problems this time and was 5th at Rev3 Maine.  I really tried to get to the bottom of why two of my races were ruined by a rubbing front brake.  I was told some explanations like: my skewer was loose, or my brake cables were too long and what hit me hardest – user error.  I did my best to make sure I wouldn’t have that problem. This time used a different front wheel and didn’t have any problems.

 The swim in Maine was a beach start into 62 degree water.  I got to wear my ROKA wetsuit which feels like I’m not even in a wetsuit and kept me warm.  Unfortunately, I got a bit lost in the shuffle and instead of leading the swim I was behind not knowing which way was up.  Still trying to figure out if we went off course and how I got so far behind, but I ended up 1:40 down from Radka who I swam with in the last race.  That’s a big amount of time! 

 I got onto my bike and set about trying to catch up.  I wanted to really focus for an hour so I wouldn’t be “the only person who can’t manage to ride an hour without something happening”.  I actually passed Bec but she came storming around me and eventually dropped out of sight after 20 miles.  I lost a bit of time in the final miles and came into transition in 7th place.  I moved passed Bec into 5th at about 4 miles and then just ran enough to maintain my position knowing that 4th was way ahead and I have another race (Hy-Vee) this weekend.

After this race I have moved into 4th in the Rev3 series and I’m looking to improve upon that in Branson and Florida.  It was a fun venue and it’s cool to see another part of the country- I have now visited 4 new places in my last 4 races!  Bec and I have really enjoyed the cultural differences, local food and meeting new people during our travels.  This time our parents came with us and we even went to the local racetrack to see a trotters race. 

Rev3 put on another great race.  If you haven’t been to a Rev3 race, just think of an m-dot race but with a happy, more relaxed, fun vibe.  They allow dogs and babies in the transition area too!

Thank you to my sponsors and supporters:  Nike, Cervelo, Zico, NYAC, First Endurance, Rudy Project, ROKA and ISM.  I'm so grateful and you guys make me fast!!

In other exciting news, our tv show is airing next week.  Will follow up with the details.

Thanks for all the cheers!


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