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Mighty Montauk win!

I usually try to get my race reports posted within 24 hours but I've sort of been on Montauk time - so apologies for missing my deadline!  But, good news: I won my 5th title at the Mighty Montauk Triathlon on Saturday, less than a week after Rev3 Quassy.  After Quassy I was really shattered.  I was so sore that I couldn't walk for a few days and had a hard time doing much training at all.  (In case you haven't heard by now that race is hilly!)  Up until the Thursday before the Montauk race I thought I was going to have to scratch.  Everything just hurt.  But, I woke up Friday feeling better and decided nothing was going to stop me from racing in the 30th anniversary of my favorite race!  I left at exactly the wrong time and it took me nearly 5 hours to get to the end of Long Island (not ideal to sit in a car for that long the night before a race).  After some wine and a long dinner discussing the founder of Severna Park (random, but my the grandmother of my host!), I finally went to bed.  Not exactly typical of a pre-race night, but this race is all about FUN!

One of the cool things about being so far east was that it gets light really early.  I was able to do all my pre-race numbers/bottles etc and ride down to the start through a completely sleepy neighborhood.  Montauk is only 120 miles from NYC but it's at the end of the line sticking out into the Atlantic Ocean and it's very quiet and relaxing.  However once I got to the transition area I was reminded that a race was ON!  I had A LOT of guys amped up to reclaim the overall title.  Last year, after dropping out of Quassy, I flew through the course and beat all the men.  A completely different story this year as I was just hoping I could move my legs!  

I mentioned that this is my favorite race.  It's really pretty, there is a lighthouse and fishing boats involved that always reminds me of my grandfather, the volunteers are awesome, and the race director Merle has been putting on the race for 30 years.  It's very evident that she cares a lot about it and the legacy of her husband who founded the race.  She makes sure that it maintains its grassroots vibe and always puts on a great show.  So thank you to Merle!  Another reason I love this race is that it gives me a chance to race alongside so many of my training partners and friends from Chelsea Piers, NYAC, and NYC.  Great job to you all!

As far as the details of my race - I was off on all three sports and my time was 5 minutes slower than last year. Ouch! To be expected I suppose but I'm happy I made it and was able to win.  

Thank you to superfan Annick who was there cheering me on the whole way and to the Maslows for generously hosting me.  I hope to recruit Bec to the race so we can team up on the boys next year!!

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