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Race this Weekend: USA Pro Nationals

Laurel will be racing in the USA Triathlon Pro Nationals on Saturday in Buffalo, NY. This is an ITU draft-legal olympic distance race, which means Laurel will be riding her new Cervelo S5.

You may be wondering, didn't Laurel just do an Ironman? Yes, she did. And on Saturday Laurel will be attempting to finish in the top 10 of every distance and discipline in the sport of triathlon (not including off-road). So far in 2012 she's posted top 10 finishes non-drafting olympic distance, Ironman, half Ironman, ITU sprint and TriStar 111. 

The women's race starts at noon. For live updates from Buffalo, follow these twitter links:




Bec did this race last year and was in position to

finish well when she crashed on the last loop of the

bike course

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She did it!!

Baby Kale and Beet Salad with Smoked Salmon