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Welcome to Athlete Food - our continuous adventure to seek out healthy food around the globe and at our own dinner tables. Hope you are inspired to get on a plane or get out the plates and cook a healthy dinner tonight!

Saturday Morning On the Trainer with Laurel

New York in January: the trainer is the only option if you want to do a serious bike workout. 

That's exactly what Laurel did this morning. Actually, she took it to the next level and did an indoor brick workout (trainer + treadmill), her first of 2013. Since I'm still into watching workouts and not participating, I stood by, cheered, helped fix a flat (yes, you can even get a flat while riding inside), and provided post-workout nutrition. As always, it was inspiring to watch LW push herself to reach the watts and paces prescribed by our coach, Cliff English. 

Here are the details of Laurel's workout:


Bike Intervals: 2 rounds of 20 minutes hard/ 5 min easy/ 10 min harder/ 10 min easy, plus warm up and cool down, then right into a 15 minute treadmill run with about 8 minutes at half marathon pace


pre-workout: coffee with milk and egg sandwich

during workout: 1 bottle plain ZICO, 1 bottle EFS, 1.5 bottle water, 1/2 EFS gel flask

post-workout: Athlete Food gluten-free pancakes with Greek yogurt and fresh strawberries



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