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Welcome to Athlete Food - our continuous adventure to seek out healthy food around the globe and at our own dinner tables. Hope you are inspired to get on a plane or get out the plates and cook a healthy dinner tonight!

Tomatillo Sauce


We're trying a new thing here at Athlete Food. Laurel, Melissa and I are all taking a few hours on Sundays to be our own personal chefs. We're cooking a bunch of food in one day that can be used on those busy days when cooking takes a back seat to a fussy newborn or a 4 hour brick workout.

Last week Melissa made bison tacos, sweet potato sausage soup, and tofu stir fry. Laurel cooked up big batches of grilled vegetables and roasted bone-in chicken. I made enough steel cut oats to last 5 breakfasts, a casserole and two jars of tomatillo sauce.

The tomatillo sauce is a simple way to elevate quick weeknight meals. It can be used as a salad dressing or enchilada sauce. I also like to serve it on top of a spinach mushroom omelet or use it to flavor a brown and edamame salad. Lot of possibilities.

We'll keep you posted about how our personal cheffing goes and if we come up with any winning make ahead meals. If you have any to share with us, please do so below.



Tomatillo Sauce

makes about 4 cups

2 pounds tomatillos, husked and cut in half**

2 small green peppers or 1 large, chopped

2 jalepenos, seeded and cut into a few pieces (leave some of the seeds to make it spicy)

1 bulb of garlic, roasted

sea salt

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Place tomatillos on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Sprinkle with sea salt.

Roast tomatillos for 15 minutes, until they start to brown slightly and release some juices.

Once tomatillos have chilled enough to handle, transfer, along with any of the juices to a blender or food processor.

Add pepper and roasted garlic to blender.

Process until the vegetable are chopped and the sauce is a rough puree, 30 seconds to 1 minute, depending on the blender or food processor. Season with sea salt.

Transfer to mason jars for storage.

**Tomatillos have been a staple in our CSA distribution all fall. They can be found at farmers markets and at Whole Foods.

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