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Athlete Moms: 7 Months and Baby Proofing

Amy's Official Seven Month PortraitAnyone who's ever been to our house knows that it wasn't designed to be baby proof. It has dangerous traps around every corner, including concrete floors everywhere. We thought we'd have a little more time to "soften" up the house, but at seven months, Amy is already very active. She's been crawling for a few weeks, climbs up on furniture and is starting to work on standing on her own. With walking not too far away we knew we had to do something. This week we covered the floor of her (future) bedroom with wall-to-wall carpeting. As hard as it was to say goodbye to the beautiful floors, we actually like the way the carpet looks. And Amy, she can't get enough of it.

Here's how the room looked before:

Art by Mary Louise O'Connell and Peter Mars.


Tomorrow we are packing up the car and heading north to Old Orchard Beach Maine for the Rev3 Triathlon. Stay tuned for updates from Maine.


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Race Report: Bec on Rev3 Maine

Rev3 Wisconsin Finisher Photo