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Welcome to Athlete Food - our continuous adventure to seek out healthy food around the globe and at our own dinner tables. Hope you are inspired to get on a plane or get out the plates and cook a healthy dinner tonight!

Frozen Hot Chocolate with Flavanaturals

Frozen Hot Chocolate with Flavanaturals

It has been a rough winter so far in NYC. Freezing temps, snow, ice and even a "bomb cyclone"...don't ask! When I'm in and out walking from place to place, as you do in the city, the only thing that seems to help me get through the day is my afternoon hot chocolate. Since the temperature rose to 42F (downright spring!), I celebrated by experimenting with frozen hot chocolate.  Also, because I wanted a cold drink to utilize my new Moscow mule mug.  I have never really gotten frozen hot chocolate, what is it? Why is it a thing of legend?  Well, let me tell, you it is a thing and it is good! We are now back to below freezing and my chocolate is hot, but here's how I made the cold version:

In a blender (preferably one with a smaller smoothie container since it's a single serve and having your whole drink on the sides of the blender is the worst) mix: a cup of cashew milk (or almond milk), 1 packet of single serving Flavanatural cocoa mix (this is key- it's unsweetened and has extra antioxidant flavanols, ie all the good things about dark chocolate), a tablespoon of maple syrup (more or less to your level of sweet tooth), and a handful of ice.  Blend until smooth.

Right before I started the blender process I put some coconut flakes in a hot pan and toasted them while the blender was going.  I am putting this step second here because it is an nonessential step for most people but I happen to hate raw coconut but love it toasted and especially as a topping for chocolatey things.

So, back to the drink: pour it into your cool copper mug and top with whipped cream (it's all air, right?).  Then to be extra decadent, grate a bit of dark chocolate over the top and add some sparkly golden stars.  You earned it!

I realize this isn't a "recipe" but more of a guideline and idea of how to make hot chocolate that isn't super sugary and sweet. Next time, I'm going to add some cold coffee. Doesn't a frozen mocha sound good?? 

The best news is that I'm actually hosting a contest on my instagram and giving away some of the Flavanaturals chocolate I described above. Check out my instagram @athletestyle to enter to win a chocolate care package!  Happy early Valentine's Day!


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