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Mother's Day Duathlon in Prospect Park

I didn't think I'd be writing a race report 3.5 months after Amy was born, but yesterday I completed my first race in over a year. It wasn't a professional race, and it wasn't a particularly competitive race, but I'm ranking it as one of my top five performances ever.

A few weeks ago, I got the idea to enter this race. Actually, it was right after reading Sarah's Nike Women's Half race report that I got fired up to race and started looking for something to enter. I found the Mother's Day Duathlon in Prospect Park and figured its "mini" duathlon (2 mile run/10 mile bike/2 mile run) could be right fit. I filled out the online race form at least 3 times before chickening out right before hitting the Submit button. At that point, I had only run a few times and hadn't done any pain-free runs. But I decided to give myself a chance and give myself a few weeks to see if i could get in shape to run.

On race morning, it poured rain, there was a registration line a half hour long and the race was delayed by 45 minutes. This type of thing would normally throw off even the most seasoned pro, but I was so happy just to be on the scene again that it didn't even bother me. When the gun went off, I was surprised at how easy running felt. I had some competition from the eventual second place female for the first mile or so, but was able to pick up the pace (without any stomach pain!) at the end of the run. When I got on my bike for 3 loops of Prospect Park, I felt almost like my old self racing. I pushed up the big hill and rode conservatively the rest of the way around the loop. I went back and forth with the lead male, but tried not to do too much zipping and zooming around the non-racing recreational cyclists who were out enjoying the day. After a T-2 for the bloopers highlight reel, I dropped a place and went into the second run in third overall. The second run was tough, but the thought of my fans at the finish-line got me through it.

I finished in third overall in just under 1 hour. Was I impressed with my time? Not really. It wasn't remotely fast for a pro. But for someone with a six inch long barely healed scar across their stomach, it was alright. The race wasn't about time anyway, it was about carrying Amy across the finish-line on my first Mother's Day.

It was a great day, made even better by my mom, dad, sister Sarah, my cousin Anna, and friends Avalon, Jess, Lander, Karen, Landis and Becky who all came out to cheer, take pictures and play with Amy.


Equipment: Cervelo S5, Nike Zoom Elite 4 running shoes, Rudy Project Sterling Helmet (didn't wear sunglasses), Rapha Arm warmers (thanks to a thoughtful Jess who brought them just in case), Nike Running visor.

Nutrition: Pre-race: 16 oz. Orange EFS by First Endurance, 2 rice cakes with NuttZo nut butter. During: a few sips of Orange EFS. After: Chocolate ZICO


Note: There was a problem with my timing device. First, I wasn't in the results, then I was ranked 4th, and finally Sarah stepped in and fixed things so that I was able to be part of the podium ceremony. When I checked the results a few hours after the race, I was surprised to see split times. I'm pretty sure my T-1 time is included in my first run split and maybe my T-2 is included in the bike. 




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