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Blender Watermelon Juice


Melissa suggested that we revisit this no-juicer-required fresh watermelon juice recipe since all three of us have been basically living off of it all summer. It's Melissa's treat after a hot morning hike in Nashville. I put it in a bike water bottle in a shady spot by the side of the pool to stay hydrated during outdoor swims. Laurel has been drinking it mixed with seltzer in a glass with a straw and ice (her version of a cocktail) after her Ironman training days. 


The hardest part of making this juice is lugging the watermelon home from the grocery store. The rest is simple: cut the melon in half, scoop out the flesh, and purée it in a blender. I add a handful each of fresh basil and mint and a squeeze of lime to blunt the sweetness. Make sure you buy a seedless watermelon so that you don't have to have to pick out the seeds before blending. 

The juice keeps for about 3 days in the fridge. The herbal flavors intensify over time, making this easy juice even more refreshing.


Not all of the watermelon makes it into the blender!

Not all of the watermelon makes it into the blender!

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