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Ironman Foundation Kona Premiere

Ironman Foundation Kona Premiere

It's rare that the world's top triathletes are in New York City, all at one time, in the same room, not in spandex. But the Ironman Foundation manages to pull that feat off every year with their Kona World Premiere. Last night's event was a wonderful, inspiring celebration of what it really takes and what it really means to be Ironman.

I had the honor to walk the red carpet as part of the night's opening ceremonies, along with reigning world champ Patrick Lange, as well as, top American triathletes Tim O'Donnell, Ben Hoffman, Heather Jackson, Liz Lyles, and Andy Potts.

I almost had to fight back tears when I was announced as an Ironman Champion and the first cancer survivor to win an Ironman. I think that was a surprise to a lot of people! But as we were reminded by the NBC show (which premiers December 7), anything is possible. Without giving away too much of the show, see photos from the Instagram story I posted from the event for  quick look at some of the people who make an appearance.

A special mention to Ironman Foundation Community Relations Manager for putting on such a spectacular show last night and for working so hard on service projects that make a tangible impact on the communities where Ironman races are held. Bec (who was supposed to attend last night too but wasn't feeling well) and I have been fortunate enough to participate in a few of these projects over the last year. I worked on a rebuilding project in Manta Ecuador after the earthquake there and Bec (and Athlete Food) helped plan a nutrition event at a high school on the Salt River Indian Reservation that took place the week leading up to Ironman Arizona a few weeks ago.


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Apple Cider Punch

Apple Cider Punch

Contest Winner: Swim. Bike. Run. Eat Pie.

Contest Winner: Swim. Bike. Run. Eat Pie.