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Swim Workout: Taking the Plunge after Taking Time Off

Swim Workout: Taking the Plunge after Taking Time Off

After a week of no exercise following the Irsaman race, I'm heading to the pool today to ease my way back into an exercise routine. When coming back to swimming after taking time off, my focus is always on strength and getting a feel for the water. I usually don't even attempt maintaining any kind of intervals or pushing through long endurance set for a few weeks.


My goal for this week is to swim 4 times, an hour or so each time, with a mix of strength, drills and a few bursts of speed. Here's the workout I'll start with:


300swim/300pull/ 3x100 kick / 6x50 25 build-25easy

6x75 - (25 skull - 25 free - 25 drill)

4x100 Fins (50k-50swim)

8x25 Fins (build to fast)

2 rounds of :  (10 x25 band only - 250 pull w band - 250 pull band and paddles)

2x100 perfect freestyle


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Not-So-Sloppy Joes

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